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About Our Company

Qmagic (Pty) Ltd.
Qmagic manufactures, distributes and sells premium quality tradional and electronic public guidance and queue management systems. The company was founded in 1995 and is located in Johannesburg South Africa. Following positive growth in South Africa our company has expanded into the African market and export approximately 10% of our total sales.

About us
Qmagic (Pty) Ltd is Africa’s largest supplier of queuing systems, stanchions, traditional pole and rope barriers and indoor public guidance systems; as well as electronic queue management and enterprise solutions.

We are the premier supplier and market leader in queuing systems and also provide signage and other indoor and outdoor media. We can guarantee unrivalled quality and service. Our products offer unique design patents and all our queuing systems are sold with an extended warranty.

Our company is young and dynamic. We offer equal opportunity and development to all employees and support training and individual growth.

We are an approved supplier to amongst others Standard Bank, Nedbank, ACSA, Primedia, Spar Group, Pick ‘n Pay, Sun International, Mr Price, SAB, SAA, Makro and many more. Hotels, casinos, retail stores, fast-food outlets and most malls in South Africa use our products.

For more than a decade we have supplied most government institutions and are currently selling to various departments on a local and national level. We also distribute and export directly into African. Our company supplies more than 600 corporate clients directly.

Our manufacturing is predominantly outsourced to local companies and raw materials are sourced from recognized South African companies. Our main product line is manufactured under license in South Africa and we are the only company to manufacture these products outside of the USA.

Qmagic sells direct and through local and international agents. Currently we are actively involved in Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Namibia. Furthermore we sell directly into most of Africa. We deliver nationally.

Siphumelele Investments Ltd was an early shareholder and empowerment partner in the company. Following a mutually prospective relationship we have continued this ideology and have created strong relationships.

As a proud South African company we continuously strive to adapt and expand with new opportunities being implemented. We support the ongoing process of development and empowerment.

Service and Quality.
Our products are designed and manufactured to meet stringent market conditions. We demand high levels of standards in quality when assembling and packaging the products before distribution.

All our suppliers are assessed and approved and subscribe to our quality code. Before shipping any products, the goods are individually checked, marked and packed at our premises. No goods leave before the quality inspection is approved.

A key priority is a high level of service to our clients, maintaining product, packaging quality and delivery dates. We have our own service staff in Cape Town and Durban and do also have an extensive network of service agents throughout Africa.

In an effort to improve and strengthen our service to loyal customers we have employed a Field Maintenance Manager to continuously monitor and service existing systems in use throughout the country.

As an ongoing free service we continuously visit site installations and existing customers. Where necessary or possible we assist in rectifying problems and improve the usage of our systems. Smaller quality and maintenance issues can be resolved on site, thus preventing any interruption to our customers.

We will also keep service records and make appropriate recommendations where necessary.

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