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Q Stanchion Safety Barriers

Q Stanchion Safety Barriers

 The Q Stanchion Hazard control post is perfect for demarcating areas where caution is needed and safety rules apply.  It assists with marking off hazards, guiding traffic and restricting access indoors and outdoors.




  • Black A4 portrait,double sided, sign frames 


Prices exclude VAT and Delivery.


  • Description


    • 2 m chevron (black/yellow) belt with 8kg black base and yellow stanchion post
    • 4 Way belt connection allows for various queuing system configurations.
    • Perfect for demarcating hazardous areas and social distancing.



    • Total weight 9kg
    •  Rubberized base with black cover
    •  Base weight 8kg
    • Base diameter 320mm
    • Total height 920mm
    •  Yellow steel post
    • Post diameter 63mm
    • Chevron (black/yellow) belt
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